Monday, May 31, 2010

Best of Rio Fashion Week - DAY 1

Best of
Day One

Acquastudio - Geometric Art

R. Groove - Funky Cool Style

Salinas - From Brazil to Cuba

Mara Mac - Comfortable Chic

Nica Kessler - Denim & Nude

Walter Rodrigues - Africa Minha

fotos: Agência Fotosite

More Showroom:

Showrooms Day
Part II
(My sincere apologies for the amateur quality of the photos)

I ♥ Dino Alves' Asymmetries

I ♥ Nuno Baltazar's Sofistication

I ♥ Valentim Quaresma's Jewels

I ♥ Pedro Pedro's PVC Trench Coats

I ♥ Ricardo Preto's Dresses

I ♥ Fur & Miguel Vieiras' Glam-Diva-Chic Style

I ♥ Gant's Old School Style

I ♥ LEE's Grey-Blue Plaid

I ♥ Fly London's shoes & Prêt-à-Porter Collection

I ♥ Luís Onofre's Boots

I ♥ Insight's Urban Style the BEST!!

I ♥ Lacoste Red's Illustrations

I ♥ Diesel's Accessories